Toya Beach

Beachside House Sea of Toya Yomitan Okinawa

ビーチサイドハウス 都屋の海 読谷 沖縄

Vacation rental American House / アメリカン 貸別荘 / 家庭 美国风 度假 別墅
Private Beach / プライベートビーチ / 海濱 沙灘
Sunset / 夕陽 サンセット / 斜陽 日落
Okinawa Yomitan / 沖縄 読谷 / 沖繩 冲绳 讀谷

Sea of Toya 】 is an American condominium resort house located on the west coast of Okinawa, on the beachside of Yomitan Village Toya.

Why don’t you enjoy your holiday as if you lived in a city where you can relax? You will be healed by the natural beach, blue sky, and pleasant waves that spread out in front of you.

An approximately one hour drive from Naha Airport will take you to Yomitan Village where you can enjoy the unique landscape of Okinawa with its sunny ocean and sugarcane fields. Enjoy the magnificent view.
Also it is attracting attention because of its convenient location, 25 minutes from American village of Chatan.

Three reasons for choosing Sea of Toya

1.Natural private beach in front of you

2.Spacious 154 ㎡ 2-story cond resort

3.Marine sports are available

Toya Beach

Beach side (white sand beach)

Very close to the beach! (Only get off the stairs) You can hear wave sounds from the terrace!

There are not many users on the natural beach that is not listed in the guidebook, and the guests who stayed are satisfied with it as “almost private beach”.

Depending on the fullness of the tide, it is as shallow as an adult’s waist. There are some rocks and pieces of coral, so it is safe to have marine shoes.

Since it is the west coast, you can see the sunset! Want to be healed by the sound of waves? As an option, BBQ is also possible on the seaside terrace.

Spacious 154 ㎡ 2-story condominium resort

Accommodates up to 10 adults, 2 infants (age0-3) will be free of charge for co-sleeping. (Please contact us for other information.)

Spacious 154 m² 2-story condominium resort. An American style building is one of its attractions.

It has a private kitchen, dishes, cooking utensils and seasonings. You can prepare your meals as like you live own house.

Washers and dryers can also be used freely, so that a large number of people, such as family members and group guests, can stay comfortably.

It is a 5-minute walk from major supermarkets and convenience stores.

Marine sports are available

At the Toya fishing port that is 1-2 min walk away, snorkeling allows you to get as close as about 2m to a whale shark in the underwater net enclosure. Diving and glass-bottom boat experience are also available. (Please contact Top Marine Zanpa for details.)

In addition, Cape Maeda(Blue Cave), famous for diving, Cape Zanpa and Manzamo are all within 30 minutes.

You can fully enjoy the sea of Okinawa.

Stay as if you live comfortably with full facilities
Sea of Toya Photos

Customer’s Review

  •   This place was perfect! Bright and clean! So much space to relax in! Communication was quick and easy! Host was there to welcome us on check in. The area was... read more

    thumb Lisa
  •   Clean, comfortable, easy to reach and close to beach. Suitable for big family holiday. Convenience to access Family Mart and Supermarket. Highly recommended.

    thumb Sui On
  •   素晴らしい空間とおもてなし最高でした!

    thumb 誠弥
  •   强烈推荐

  •   约上三五好友一起入住还是挺不错的

    thumb Yuki
  •   とても良かったです。お部屋は清潔で、広く、使いやすかったです。ホストの方も、大変親切で温かく、安心して過ごすことが出来ました。子ども連れで利用したのですが、ホストの方は子どもにも慣れていらっしゃって、子ども用のサンダルやおもちゃなど細やかなお気遣いまで頂いて、とてもありがたかったです。
    We liked spending here very much. The house is clean, spacy and covenient. We felt welcomed because the host was very kind and warm. They are accustomed, very friendy... read more

    thumb Tonegawa
  •   That is a really nice house, big and clean and very closed to a small beach. I enjoy swim and snorkeling with my family there. Although the beach... read more

    thumb Ricky
  •   Thank you very much, the room is good, and room is big, i think can live in morn than 7 people

    thumb Chien Min
  •   We really appreciate Mitsumi-san’s hospitality. They are great host! The house is just next to the beach. Not many people use the beach. It became our private beach. We can... read more

    thumb Wanjia
  •   とても素晴らしい立地です!




    thumb このみ

Convenient location for sightseeing in Okinawa

Toya Fishing Port [1 min walk]

Fisherman Experience 】Experiencing large fixed net fishing onboard a spacious ship that has a capacity of 24 passengers. You will surprise at the fish species and quantity peculiar to southern countries caught in fishing grounds!
Details ⇒ Toya Fishing port

【 Seafood Store and Restaurant 】
The store sells fresh fish, just caught that day, at cheap prices. On the second floor of the port facility, restaurant is opened! Also you can enjoy fresh seafood in there.
Uminchu Restaurant Menu

Zakimi Castle Ruins [10 min by car]

The ruin of a castle built in the early 15th century. The oldest stone arch gate in Okinawa and its walls made with Ryukyu coral limestone ashlar can be seen. The ruin was registered as a World Heritage site in 2000.

Yachimun no Sato (Pottery Studios) [10 min by car]

Yachimun = pottery
Pottery is a traditional craft that Yomitan Village is proud of.

The photo is a climbing kiln. You can take a walk and look around the kiln and the workshop.

Not only you can buy pottery in the workshop, you can also have a coloring experience, so if you like pottery, please come to enjoy it.

Cape Zanpa [15 min by car]

A cape that protrudes at the western edge of Yomitan Village. A white lighthouse, Cape Zanpa’s symbol, stands at the tip, creating a beautiful landscape.

On a clear day, you can also see the Kerama Islands.

American Village [30 min by car]

A resort district in Mihama, Chatan. You can see a big Ferris Wheel when you run on Route 58. A shopping and entertainment area with an American atmosphere.

American Village is a very popular spot with many restaurants!

AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom [35 min by car]

There are more than 200 specialty stores, the movie theater, sports amusement facility. It is a large shopping mall where everyone from adults to children can enjoy.

Because it is an indoor facility, even if it is rainy days cannot swin on beach, you can spend the time 🙂

Churaumi Aquarium [90 min by car]

You can observe the world’s biggest fish, whale sharks and manta rays. And the mysterious deep sea of Okinawa is reproduced, allowing you to experience Okinawa’s entire underwater world.

【 Fee 】
Adult ¥ 1,850 / High school student ¥ 1,230 / Elementary and junior high school student ¥ 610

After 4 pm Ticket
Adult ¥ 1,290 / High school student ¥ 860 / Elementary and junior high school student ¥ 430

Contact / Booking

Inquiries from the apps are quick.

    Please feel free to contact us.
    Operating Hours 10 am – 6 pm.

    +81 (098) 988 7917

    〒904-0305 沖縄県中頭郡読谷村都屋10-1

    10-1 Toya, Yomitan, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa, 904-0305, JAPAN